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Our mission is to support the Redwood City Public Library in cultivating literacy, life-long learning, and community connections


Of Mariela Cacdac-Waterson

Notre Dame Institute #124 YLI

Of Jacky Averill, Derek Wolfgram and All Staff

Billy and Stacy James

Of Priya and Amara Desai Guerra

Usha Desai

Of Georgi LaBerge

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Barrick

Patricia Bernard

Jennifer Castello

John and Raegene Castle

Jim and Dolores Centis

Sandra Cooperman

David B. & Edward C. Goodstein Foundation

Cargill Salt Company

Scandling Family Foundation

David B. & Edward C. Goodstein Foundation    

DPR Construction  

Lyngso Garden Materials, Inc.  

Palo Alto Medical Foundation    

Sims Metal Management  

W.L. Butler Construction, Inc.  

ADCO/Grier, Inc.    

David Amann    

Mark Anoyola    

Elaine Baley-Smith    

Cen Cal Plastering Inc.    

Chavez Supermarket    

Sandra Cooperman    

Doering Family Foundation

Dostart Development Company    

David Genesy    

Robert and Jean Gilmore    

Helix Electric    

The Herbst Foundation

Trynie Hermary    

Peter Ingram and Yvette Pirie    

Johnstone Moyer, Inc.

Kaiser Permanente    

Georgi LaBerge    

James McFarland    

Pacific Gas and Electric Company  

Peter and Paula Uccelli Foundation  

Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission  

Redwood City International  

San Mateo County Sheriffs Youth Program Fund  

San Mateo Credit Union  

Jessie Schilling    

Silicon Valley Community Foundation  

Stanford University  

Take It For Granite    

Martha and Steven Traynor    

Union Bank Foundation  

Wells Fargo Foundation  

Western States Fire Protection Co.    

Derek Wolfgram  

Youth Service America


Mary Albitz  

Atlas/Pellizzari Electric  

Bright Funds Foundation    

Dr.  John David Bukry    

Alexander DeNemi    

Dimetrius Painting II, Inc.    

Fran Eastman and Edward Goodstein    

El Paisano Carniceria y Supermercado    

Catherine Fraser    

Friends of Bob Bell    

G. Ferrabee Co.    

Thomas Gierke    

IBEW Local 617

Kristopher Johnson    

Kelly Door Supply, Inc.    

Jeff LaBerge    

Monte Mansir    

Michael and Lisa Nash    

Optimist Club of Redwood City  

Ron and Shelley Parlante    

Peninsula Sunrise Rotary Club

Diana Reddy    

Robert Ricks  

Carla and Harry Sillin    

Nita Spangler    


Greg and Catherine Trindle

A+ Japanese Auto Repair  

Jill Antonides and Jorge Rodriguez    

David and Joanne Arata    

John Blackmore and Sheila Amoroso    

John Blake    

Will and Julie Chong    

Circulo Cultural  

Jane Day    

Bob and Arcelia Eppler    

Kit Fung and Rick Nordensten    

Magda Galindo    

Connie Guerrero    

Diane and Steven Howard  

Carol Johnson    

Debbi Jones-Thomas    

Donna Juntunen    

John and Mary Lyngso    

M & M Carpet Service    

Marjory Matic    

Janelle Mehling    

Alexandra Meyer    

Notre Dame Institute #124 YLI  

Barbara and Jerry Pierce    

Redwood City Education Foundation  

Carrie Ridge    

Jeannie Stafford    

Susanne Stevens    

Jane and Paul Taylor    

Christina Tung    

United American Bank  

Daniel Weaver and Katie Goetz    

Rouslana Yaroslavsky

Kathryn Adkins    

Alicia Aguirre and Pete Liebengood    

Amici's East Coast Pizzeria  

Scott Andrews    

Kenneth Arai    

Jacky Averill    

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Barrick    

Linda and John Bauer    

Alyn Beals and Dani Gasparini    

Eric Berg    

Diane Beu    

Frank Bizzarro    

Janet Borgens  

Janet and Milt Borgens    

Joanne Bruggemann    

Alan Bygdnes    

Cañada College    

John and Raegene Castle    

Gordon Chamberlain    

Douglas and Vivian Crisman    

Howard Crittenden    

Judy and Thomas Cronin    

Joan Currie    

Joanna and Leo Dagum    

Jeremy Dennis    

David Dill    

Carol Drummond    

John Dumanske and Lisa Hicks-Dumanske  

Richard and Dee Eva    

Susan Fernyak    

Benjamin A.  Fong    

Cynthia and Reginald Ford    

Ellen Freudenheim    

Jeffrey and Judie Gee    

Kurt and Amy Gonsalves    

Edith and Uriel Gonzalez  

Goodman Law Corporation  

Dilan Gorur    

Mary Beth Gray    

Angela Haist-Bowen and Edward Bowen  

Audrey Hargis    

Annette Howitt    

Kelly Ilnicki    

Richard Irizary  

Jayne Ishii Hom    

Matt Jacobs    

Barry and Carole Jolette    

Lindsay Jones    

Thomas Kam    

Cliff and Diane Keith    

Daniel Adelsperger    

Ian Bain    

Patricia Bernard    

Veronica Breuer    

Denise Butler    

Mr. and Mrs.  Henry Chen  

Mario Cuellar    

Bo Curry    

Dorothy Day    

Laura Douglass and Joe Croco    

Suzanne Eyre    

Teri and Isileli Folau    

Andrea Leigh Fortus    

Jaime Gonzalez  

Ken and Michele Graham    

Myra Greenberg    

Mohamed Higgy    

Les Hsu    

Paul Insel    

Fritz Kalhammer    

Mr. and Mrs.  Willliam Korbholz    

Janet Lawson    

Diana Learned    

Vidyut and Ramesh Lingamneni    

Donna Losey    

Ronda Macchello and David R. Taylor    

Roz Kutler and Kleyton Jones    

Carmen Larnauti  

Stephen and Maria Leaf    

Parke and Sue Lee    

Barbara Malaspina    

Ramiro Maldonado

Dennis Manalo    

Linda Martinez    

Dennis and Lori McBride    

Cynthia McLaughlin    

Paul Michel and Sylvie Morissette  

Karen Middleton    

Mitchel and Michelle Miller    

Robbie Moffat    

Thomas Mohr    

Sandra Moniz    

Maureen Morley and Robert Perkins  

Beth Mostovoy and Kraig Kurucz    

Alex Murillo    

New York Says Thank You Foundation  

Andrew Noon    

Lynden and Charlotte Olstead    

Paleteria y Neveria Los Manguitos  

Gerald Patrick    

Pon & Associates  

Nancy Radcliffe    

Audrey Ramberg    

Jill Rodby    

Bernard and Shelley Ross    

Stuart and Lorraine Rumley    

Joel Schneider    

Sequoia Stamp Club  

Maura and Erik Sincoff    

Erin Smith    

Lydia Snape    

Donna Spillane and Juan Raigoza    

Carlos Marron  

Joe Stockwell    

William Streby    

Matthew Suarez    

Fred Thompson    

Lori Van Houten    

Stacy Wagner    

Niall Wall and Sheila Cepero  

David Weekly    

Julie Wesolek    

Kevin Wong

Laura Martinez    

Dorothy McCarthy    

Jerry and Karen Mertens    

Memo Morantes    

Ann Myers    

Glenn and Mary Nelson    

Billie Norman and Beverly Thames    

Jack and Della Nunes    

William and Beverly Oldfield    

Burgess Peck    

Lynn Pique    

Stephen and Molly Poleskey    

Marvin and LaLa Richards    

Cheryl Ritchie    

Mary Schlatter    

Marylou Shockley    

Paul Swain    

Cosmo and Jean Tarantino    

Janet Thomas    

Clare Thorpe    

Jerry Tinney    

Barbara Weingarten    

Jerry and Cathie Wentworth    

Muriel Willey    

Nancy Woo

Of Anabelle L. Baley

Elaine Baley-Smith

Of Larry Crawford

Pamela Quinn

Of Donald S. Day

Dorothy Day

Of Maria Guadalupe Aguirre

Alicia Aguirre and Pete Liebengood

Of Donald L. Harter

Angela Haist-Bowen

Of The Jordan Family

Jerry Tinney

Of Georgi LaBerge's Parents

Georgi LaBerge

Of Alex M and Virginia A. Meyer

Alexandra Meyer

Of Lilas Miles

Janice Miles

Of Ralph and Carolyn Nobles

Nita Spangler

Of Irene E. Snyder

Dr. John David Bukry

Of Ray Spangler

Nita Spangler

Of Pete Uccelli

Peter and Paula Uccelli Foundation

Of Robert B. Ward

Louise Ward

Of Kathy Waterbury

Alfred and Patricia Becketti

Jane Day

Bob and Arcelia Eppler

Goodman Law Corporation

Annette Howitt

Carol Johnson

Helen Lomas

Carrie Ridge

Stuart & Lorraine Rumley

Donna Smith

Niall Wall

Muriel Willey

Of Maureen Roskoph's Birthday

Gloria and Howard Levin

Of Shirley Schwoerer

Ellen Freudenheim



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