Support the Library


Our mission is to support the Redwood City Public Library in cultivating literacy, life-long learning, and community connections


Financial Management

Redwood City Library Foundation’s Board of Directors has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that all gifts are used for the purposes intended by the donors. We take this responsibility seriously.


To ensure the efficient use of private funds, the Foundation has established a Financial Committee to:

     •     Provide financial oversight for the accounting, management and

           investment of all funds

     •     Establish an internal management control system

     •     Review and approve an annual operating and grant budget

           before presenting it to the board for adoption

     •     Monitor the use of temporary and permanently restricted funds

           and establish spending policies for all resources.

     •     Establish Operating Reserve and policy


Redwood City Library Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization registered with the IRS and with the State of California.

Tax ID #94-3293215