Support the Library


Our mission is to support the Redwood City Public Library in cultivating literacy, life-long learning, and community connections


Our history

Redwood City Library Foundation (RCLF) was founded by Georgi LaBerge, former Redwood City Mayor and Sandra Cooperman, who were frequently frustrated by the lack of city funds to support the Library. In 1998, they gathered a group of friends, established a nonprofit organization, and began raising money to supplement, not supplant, public funding for the Redwood City Public Library.


The Foundation continues to serve as the fundraising arm and innovation engine for the Library.  Governed by a volunteer board of directors, the Foundation raises money from individuals, foundations, and businesses to support the Library.


     •     Established as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit in 1998

     •     Raised over $3 M to support our libraries

     •     Launched Traveling Storytime program

     •     Established a teen homework center

     •     Helped fund interpretive center at branch library

     •     Purchased entire collection for the Redwood Shores Library

     •     Expanded children's collection at the Fair Oaks Library

     •     Funded children's literacy programs at all RWC libraries 

     •     Funded Early Childhood Learning centers in all 4 Redwood City Libraries

     •     Funded Baby Bay in the Downtown Library          

     •     Raised more than $51,000 to help keep alive the Library's "Kids in

           Partnership" program - Project READ program

     •     Partnered with the Latino Community Council of Redwood City to provide

           a fun-filled, educational festival that raised funds for the Fair Oaks Library.

     •     Partnered with Youth Literacy Council to organize STEM Fest in 2016