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Redwood City Library Foundation

The mission of the Redwood City Library Foundation is to increase financial support for the Library's services, improvements, collections and programs


Our goal is to enhance access to information, knowledge and technology

Our Mission


The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization 501(c)(3) established in 1998 and governed by a volunteer board of directors. A professional staff raises and administers gifts and ensures the effectiveness of funded programs.


Since its founding, The Redwood City Library Foundation has raised more than $ 3 million for the Library.


We provide funding for programs like:


     •     Bridging the Digital Divide (Community Wi-Fi Project, providing

           technology and equal Internet access for youth)       

     •     Upgrades for Interpretive Center in the Redwood Shores Library

     •     Early childhood learning centers in all Redwood City Libraries 

     •     Baby Bay in the Downtown Library

     •     Career on-line High School in the Library

     •     Free books for families 

     •     Writing cats and dogs program


How we are different from the Friends of the Library

Often the Foundation and Friends of the Library are referred to interchangeably.  While we work closely, we are two separate non-profit organizations who support the Redwood City Public Libraries in different ways.

The Friends of The Redwood City Library is a grassroots membership organization dedicated to supporting library programs through funds raised primarily through the sale of books, music, and movies at a resale bookstore located in the lobby of the Downtown Library and at community events around the city.  50 dedicated volunteers are sorting, scanning and pricing thousands of books, managing online book sales, and staffing the book store and other sales every month. The Friends also raise funds through annual membership fees.

The Foundation acts as the “fundraising arm” of the Library, working with individual, foundation, and corporate donors to solicit donations to support specific services, improvements, collections and programs, such as those listed above. We work with the Library to identify the best way donors’ gifts can enhance the Library and meet the ever changing needs of the community.

Books created by Redwood City kids during Writing Cats and Dogs program