Our mission is to support the Redwood City Public Library in cultivating literacy, life-long learning, and community connections

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Bridging the Digital Divide

More than one-third of students in Fair Oaks area do not have reliable internet access at home for homework, research and education. On any given day after closing hours you can find adults and teens in the library’s parking lot on their laptops and tablets so they can complete their homework, finish job applications, and connect with family members using the library’s Wi-Fi.  

We are raising money to allow school-age children to check out and take home personal Wi-Fi devices (Hotspots) and educational laptops. The program is intended to provide access to the families who currently depend on the library's Wi-Fi hotspot.

High School in the Library

High school in the library is a new 18 months program developed in partnership with the California State Library. The program pairs each student with an on-line academic coach, who provides individualized career path guidance, evaluates performance and helps with resources. The program also provides individualized career-related activities in the learning modules.

At the end of the program the students will receive a High School Diploma.

Free Books for Families

This program is providing free books in Spanish and English to families with young children. New books are distributed to the families with young children that attend the various classes in the library. It encourages reading at home. Having books at home is one of the two most important predictors of future literacy success.

Redwood Shores Library Interpretive Center

The Redwood Shores Library and Interpretive Center opened in 2008. The Center is a "museum-quality" educational center designed to help children discover the wonders of the Bay and it's wetlands, honoring the biodiversity of these wetlands. It teaches children about the balance between community needs and the environment around us.

RCLF is raising funds to replace signage, upgrade computers for interactive games, redesign bird footprint and install new interactive computer game.

Writing cats and dogs is a 6-week creative writing program for children 8-12 years old. In partnership with Redwood City’s Pets in Need, children receive the profile of a homeless shelter animal and learn how to write a story about that animal. They illustrate the story and make a book by the end of the 6-week program. Each group of the program has 25 participants and at the end of the program the Redwood City Library Foundation publishes a hardcover book with all the stories and illustrations.

Writing Cats and Dogs

Programs We Support