Many thanks to our generous donors!

The following individuals, groups, and businesses contributed $20 and above between January 1 and December 31, 2020.
We would like to thank all of our generous donors for a successful 2020!
We are especially grateful to our Monthly Recurring Gift Donors:

Ms. Debra Do
Hannah Geyik
Lisa Hicks-Dumanske
Nathaniel Hunzaker
Sandra Moniz
Andrew Noon
Carla and Harry Sillin

Donors who leveraged their giving through Matched Gifts:
Anonymous                               Microsoft
Flynn and Karen Carson           Apple
Lily Feng                                    Nvidia
Johanna Kimura                        LinkedIn
Kelsey Lopez                             Google
Amreen Madhani                      Intel
Aaron Nelson                           Google
Patricia A. Seith                        Google
John and Wendy Tseng           Intel
Pauline and Darius Wiles         Oracle
Fred Zyda                                  Google



Bothin Foundation
CA Public Utilities Commission
SAGA Foundation


Chan Zuckerberg Initiative CZI
San Mateo County Strong Fund
Scandling Family Foundation

Nathalie and David Cowan
Devcon Construction, Inc.
Dostart Development Company
Port of Redwood City
Sares Regis Group of Northern


Sarah and Robert Blatner
David B. & Edward C. Goodstein
Doering Family Foundation
Greystar Development
Melissa Hansen
Wells Fargo Foundation

Danford Fisher Hannig Foundation

Peter and Catharine Eastman
Facebook Donors
First Congregational Church
IBEW Local 617
Redwood City Arts Commission
William Streby
Catherine Trindle


Robert Carr
John and Carol Casterman
Keith Farkas
Angela Haist-Bowen
Richard and Judith Imperiale
Debbi Jones-Thomas
Georgi LaBerge
James McFarland
Elizabeth Meeks
Clem Molony
Peter and Paula Uccelli Foundation
Barbara and Jerry Pierce
Harvey Silverman
Sophie & Arthur Brody Foundation


Scott and Meredith Armienti
John and Daisy Blake
David Dill
Ms. Roxie Edwards
Richard and Dee Eva
Kit Fung
Ms. Kristy Harris
Carol Johnson
Tamara Kaplan
Monte Mansir
Elyce Melmon
Maureen Morley
Peninsula Building Materials
Posner-Wallace Foundation
Penelope Shepherd
Sims Metal Management
Daniel Weaver and Katie Goetz
Joe and Jenny Wucher


David and Joanne Arata
Nancy Brown
Tracey Burbage
Hinda Chalew
Henry Chen
Kelsey Dubois

David Genesy
Russell and Linda Hayes
Kelly Ilnicki
Michael Katz
Stephen and Maria Leaf
Shou Mei Lin
Helen Lomas
Jeanie Lundell
Barbara Neumann
Zoe Nuyens
Lynden and Charlotte Olstead
Collin and Carol Park
Juan Raigoza
Diana Reddy
Lisa Roisen
Glenn Romig
Bernard and Shelley Ross
Shirley Schwoerer
Sequoia Stamp Club
Maura and Erik Sincoff
Space Cookies FRC Team 1868
Brenda Trask
Dr. James Tsau
Lori Van Houten
Mary Walker



Kathryn Adkins
Alice Kleeman Donor Fund
Kenneth Arai
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Barrick
Eric Berg
Chris and Alicia Beth
Chris and Susan Bouchard
Sheryl Brock
Jim and Dolores Centis
Sierra Cirimelli-Low
Irene Cortinaz
Laurie Coulter
Howard Crittenden
Edith Crowe
Jennifer Davis
Susana De Jesus
Samir and Lily Deeb
Laura Douglass
Carol Drummond
Kaia Eakin
Fran Eastman
Bob and Arcelia Eppler
Danielle Fairbairn
Susan Fernyak
Benjamin A. Fong

Larry and Kathie Fosgett
Michael Gallagher
Ralph and Teresa Garcia
Andrew Gorelik
Audrey Hargis
Mohamed Higgy
Barbara Hooper
Diane and Steven Howard
JustGive Anonymous Donor
Mr. and Mrs. Willliam Korbholz
Matt Leddy
Lee Cheerful Giving Fund
James V. Lee
Parke and Sue Lee
Moon Lim
Vidyut and Ramesh Lingamneni
Mr. Fred Livingston
Rebecca Lyman
Jessica Manzi
Donna Marcus
Gerald Patrick
Kathi Petrick
Linda Pilkin
Nancy Radcliffe
Barbara Reynolds
Cheryl Ritchie
Randy and Debra Robinson
Lisa Silberman
John and Maggie Streets
Anna Takahashi
Jean Tarantino
David R. Taylor
Stephen Wagstaffe
Brian Washburn
Yvonne Webb
Robert Wellins
Gerald and Cathie Wentworth
Greg and Lyn Wilbur
Joan and Scott Wylie

Dina Alaiomid
AmazonSmile Foundation
Beverly Barr
Ashley Baxter
Norman and Marsha Lee Berkman
Mibhali and Milan Bhalala
Derald and Alicia Blackmore
Veronica Breuer
Barbara Britschgi
Andrew Byrnes
Jennifer Castello

Roberta Chock
Edwin and Janice Kishi Chow
Bo Curry
Gary and Pam Dilley
Orland and Charmaine Eliason
Joelle Emerson
Suzanne Eyre
Laurie Fischer
David Fong
Cynthia and Reginald Ford
Tashina Fuelling
Ken and Michele Graham
Myra Greenberg
Mary Guedon
Alexandra Hawley
Richard and Linda Hedges
Vincent Hodgens
Les Hsu
Rick and Naomi Hunter
Diana James-Cairns
Harsh & Shyama Kachhi
D. Michael and Lorianna Kastrop
Jacqueline Killen
Lorraine Naomi Kitajima
Kate Korsh
Mary Larwood
Roger Levine
Richard and Diane Mack
Barbara Malaspina
Margaret Marshall
Kenneth and Linda McCoy
Susan McInnis
Beth Mostovoy
Ann Myers
William Nicolet
James Ochsner
Thomas Pressburger
Pamela Quinn
David and Wendy Redfern

Evelyn and Charles Woodruff
Heather Woods
Maria Reiling
Roberta Roth
Joan Roysden
Frank and Thelma Samuelsson
Marylou Shockley
Janet Siegel
Susan Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sies
Kristen St John
Ann Marie Sulzbach
Janet Thomas
Leigh Wall
Nancy Yokoyama Woo


In Memory or Tribute


Alyn Beals & Dani Gasparini
In honor of Nancy Radcliffe

Dr. John David Bukry
In memory of Irene E. Snyder

Barry and Joanne Daniels
In honor of Joanne Daniels

Brigit Danz
In honor of Peggy Pribyl

Mary Jane Dempsey
In memory of Julie Ann Dempsey

Goodman Law Corporation
In honor of Jeanette Goodman

Darlene Gorman
Memorial tribute to Lolly Miller

Ellen Hope
In memory of Sharon Sherden

Gloria and Howard Levin
In honor of Maureen Roskoph

Jill Lighty
In memory of June Lighty

Louis and Dorene Luzzi
Memorial tribute to Lolly Miller

Ms. Grace McCabe
Donation on behalf of the building anti-racist white educators group at KIPP Excelencia to support RCPL CARES and the racial equity work of the RCPL

Barbara McGettigan
In memory of Sharon Sherden

Mrs. Judith and Elwin Melrose
In memory of Sharon Sherden

Ms. Elizabeth Moore
In memory of Sharon Sherden

Debra Parenti
Memorial tribute to Lolly Miller

The Robert L. Wilson and Clara R. Munley Foundation
In honor of our mothers: Betty Munley & Ann Wilson

Stuart and Lorraine Rumley
In honor of June Williams

Mary Russell
Memorial tribute to Lolly Miller

Donald and Lolly Schenone
Memorial tribute to Lolly Miller

Joan Schrouder
In memory of Sharon Sherden

Stephanie Schwarz
In loving memory of Ysabel Ana Costanza

John P Sherden III
In memory of Sharon Sherden

David Smilovitz
In honor of Michelle & Bill Futornick

David and Rebecca Weekly
In honor of Marian Weekly

Dr. and Mrs. David Weisenberg
In memory of Sharon Sherden

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