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Thank you for helping us celebrate Makerspace
& raising money for the library!

Thank you to our presenters and all who attended our Virtual Fundraiser on April 21, 2022. 

If you missed it, you can watch a recording of the event - including the mixology video of the signature cocktail and live demos from Makerspace. Click here to read the Q&A from the event. 

The funds raised will keep vital initiatives like: Makerspace in the Library; Bridging the Digital Divide; Career Online High School; Traveling Storytime, and more thriving for our local community!  Our Sponsors

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The Makerspace is now open and has begun hosting a variety of programs and activities! It is a powerful addition to our local community because it provides free universal access to tools and programming for entrepreneurs, tinkerers, artists, small business owners, and more.

Our sneak preview event was a lot of fun.  Thanks to the many community supporters who joined us and helped make this project possible. 

There is still time to help us fully equip the Makerspace. The Podcast Room, 3D printers and laser cutters are coming soon. 

Makerspace in the Library

Thank You for Helping Us Celebrate World Bee Day!

Our Virtual Fundraiser on May 20, 2021 was a success!


Thank you to our event presenters:

Mixologist Greg St. Claire, Owner of TOWN & Milagros

Beekeeper Kendal Sager

Library Director Derek Wolfgram

MC Dani Gasparini


Thank you to all our attendees.

You helped us raise more than $34,000 for the library!

If you missed the virtual event, you can see the event signature cocktail & the mixology video; the tour of the beehives; and a video of the event itself by clicking these links.


Beekeeping Resources can be found at:

San Mateo Bee Guild

Sager Family Farm


We are Grateful to Our Sponsors!

Your generous support of the Redwood City Library Foundation's virtual event helped underwrite the cost of the event and make more funds available to keep vital library initiatives such as Makerspace in the Library, Bridging the Digital Divide, Career Online High School, Redwood Shores Interpretive Center, and Traveling Storytime humming and buzzing for our local community!

Thanks to our Lead Sponsors: Port of Redwood City, Dick and Judy Imperiale and Kaiser Permanente.


We are grateful for all of our sponsors including our newest - Google, Acclaim Companies and Lane Partners.

Behind the Scenes at the Library

We recently celebrated National Library Week. This is an annual opportunity to show support for the people and programs that make public libraries such a vital part of our community.


See Redwood City Library Foundation Board Vice-President Nancy Radcliffe talk about the library and other behind the scenes videos from the Redwood City Public Library. It's a great way to learn about what makes our library so special.