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Join us in supporting the Redwood City Library to provide important services to all of the residents of Redwood City.

We have a crisis in early literacy in our community. Only 42% of third graders in Redwood City read at a proficient level.  Good library materials and effective literacy programs are critical to improving the literacy rate. 

The Foundation is currently raising funds to expand or launch early literacy programs, including the Storytime in the Library and Baby and Me at the Library.  Please donate today to help our community’s children become better readers.

Donations are automatically allocated to the general fund. Donations from the general fund allow the Library Foundation will allocate your donation to area of greatest need. Specific areas to donate to are:

  • Bridging the Digital Divide

  • High School in the Library

  • Redwood Shores Interpretive Center Upgrades

  • Fair Oaks Library Early Childhood Learning Center

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Our mission is to support the Redwood City Public Library in cultivating literacy, life-long learning, and community connections

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