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Initiatives We Support

Since 1998 the Redwood City Library Foundation has provided almost $4 million of funding for resources, programs and services that take our library system to a new level of excellence.

Current Initiatives

Bridging the Digital Divide


Many Redwood City students do not have reliable internet access at home for homework, research and education. On any given day, after closing hours you can find adults and teens in the library’s parking lot on their laptops and tablets so they can complete their homework, finish job applications, and connect with family members using the library’s Wi-Fi.  

We are raising money to allow school-age children to check out and take home personal Wi-Fi devices (hotspots) and educational laptops. The program is intended to provide access to the families who currently depend on the library's Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Makerspace in the Library

Launched in 2022 with substantial backing from the Redwood City Library Foundation, the Makerspace provides a creative learning space for community members. 


Bolstered by continuous support from the Library Foundation, this innovative hub offers free access to high-tech tools and handcraft equipment, including 3D printers, a laser cutter, sewing and embroidery machines, a Cricut machine and more.  


Knowledgeable staff and volunteers share their expertise through a diverse range of programs including Open Sewing, Drop in Tech Help, and Fixit Clinics. The space buzzes with ongoing activities tailored for various age groups and interests including Crafty Wednesdays (grades K-3), Art Salon (all ages), and LEGO Robotics League (grades 3-8).  


For those seeking a collaborative workspace, local small businesses, entrepreneurs and remote workers can take advantage of the coworking space when the Makerspace is not hosting programs. Explore the upcoming programs and activities here.


Traveling Storytime

Traveling Storytime is a heartwarming Redwood City Public Library program where dedicated volunteers, ranging in age from 11 to 85, have read to over 230,000 children. Their mission? To ignite a lifelong love of reading by visiting daycare centers and preschools in Redwood City every week.

Traveling Storytime is known for its accessibility and inclusivity. Sponsored by the Library’s Youth Services Department, and partially funded by RCLF and Friends of the Library, Traveling Storytime unites generations through storytelling. The program inspires countless children, one story at a time. Learn about volunteering.

Redwood Shores Library Interpretive Center

The Redwood Shores Library and Interpretive Center opened in 2008. The Center is a "museum-quality" educational center designed to help children discover the wonders of the Bay and its wetlands, honoring the biodiversity of these wetlands. It teaches children about the balance between community needs and the environment around us.

Career Online High School

​Career Online High School is a 18-month program developed in partnership with the California State Library. The program pairs students with on-line academic coaches, who provide individualized career path guidance, evaluate performance, and help with resources. The program also provides individualized career-related activities in the learning modules.

At the end of the program the students will receive a High School Diploma.


Students in this program are proactively taking steps toward a better life and building a solid foundation for future learning and growth. Going to school gives them the confidence to pursue their dreams. For more information, go here.

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