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$25,000 Grant Supports Digital Divide Program

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Premia Capital, a real estate development company in Redwood City, has awarded a $25,000 grant to RCLF. Founded in 2009, it remains 100% privately owned. Michael Halow, company CEO, believes his legacy should be to lead by example and work hard to make the community better for all its residents. Mike focuses on helping kids and lower income residents, and believes that supporting RCLF’s Bridging the Digital Divide program, along with local sports, contributes to the mental and physical well-being of our community.

He said “I am inspired by the many amazing and selfless people in the Redwood City community, including the true champions that serve on the Library Foundation Board and those on-site day to day. They work hard to bring this community together and make it a better place. I take my kids to the Redwood City Public Library all the time and I see how much it means to them and to many of us in many different ways. Thank you, Redwood City Library, you are crushing it — keep doing your thing, and let’s keep pushing each other to make RWC the best town in America!! Way more to do.” The Foundation is grateful for Premia Capital’s generous support.

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