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Three New Graduates from Career Online High School

At the Redwood City Council meeting on June 24, Library Director Derek Wolfgram and Redwood City Mayor Ian Bain presented high school diplomas to three graduates of the Library’s Career Online High School program. The tuition-free program is supported by RCLF and the California State Library, and helps participants earn their high school diplomas online with support and career guidance from an academic coach. The newest graduates, Emanuela Garcia-Trejo, Rochelle Vasquez, and LaSaundra Brown, are all working mothers who dedicated many late hours to complete the course.

All three women are enthusiastic about their futures and grateful to the program and the tutors from Project Read. Emanuela will be moving to the East Bay and plans to take child development courses at Chabot College to help her establish a home day care center. She proudly shared her 2019 COHS graduation with her daughter, who graduated from Sequoia High School. Rochelle is a single mother with four children and is currently working on another scholarship through Lucky’s in business management. LaSaundra plans to attend Cañada College and hopes to go into counseling. She said that her three children came to the library’s Project Read program for tutoring when they were young, and attributes her success in the COHS program to the individual attention she received. These graduates are examples of how, with hard work and dedication, you can achieve your goals at any stage of life. They all believe deeply in the power of education, and recommend taking advantage of programs like COHS and Project Read available at the library.

Giselle Hale, Redwood City Councilwoman, said this about the program: “Career Online High School is a hidden Redwood City gem and a true testament of our values. It says about us that regardless of what challenges you have faced, we won’t leave you behind. We’ll reach out and help you achieve your education on your terms. I’m so grateful to the Library Foundation, Library staff and Project READ for this tremendous program.”

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