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Coming this Fall: Community Engagement

A Message from Library Director Derek Wolfgram:

The “RCPL Listens” initiative will bring the Redwood City community together for a series of 15-20 professionally facilitated discussions about the aspirations residents have for our city. With guidance and support from both the Redwood City Library Foundation and the Redwood City Library Board, the conversations will be designed to encourage participants to express their aspirations for the community, after which the library will identify opportunities to use its resources to reach these objectives.

RCPL Listens will provide an important opportunity to update the collective community knowledge gathered during the last round of RCPL Listens sessions in 2016, which provided the five strategic focuses for library services in the last five years: equity, inclusion, education, awareness, and safety. These conversations will also integrate the RCPL CARES (Cultivating and Advancing Racial Equity Systemically) work plan, developed in 2020, into the next generation of Library service priorities, rather than serving as a standalone plan. In addition to open sessions to be attended by anyone in the community, the Library will also conduct specific conversations with underserved segments of the population that have been identified as needing additional services: BIPOC individuals, Spanish speakers, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ folks, people experiencing homelessness, seniors, veterans, and families with young children.

Keep checking the Library web page for more information:

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