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LEGO Robotics League

The challenge: in 45 minutes build and program a LEGO robot that can steer and navigate its way through floor mazes. That’s what teams of third- to eighth-grade kids did during an October session of the LEGO Robotics League. The league occurs every Sunday from 12:30-1:30 pm in the Downtown Library’s Makerspace, thanks in part to a $40,000 grant from the Saga Foundation.

This free and fun program provides opportunities for young people who are interested in robotics but whose families might be unable to afford the expensive kits and iPads. Between 6 to 20 students attend each session, says Sarah La Torra, Library Division Manager of Customer Experience. LEGO Robotics is an excellent way to teach young students the foundational skills of robotic design and programming and can ready them for building robots from scratch on high school teams.

Other October challenges included designing a dashboard system you’d use inside a car and building vehicles that move without rolling on wheels. The Robotics staff recently developed a new challenge format to help participants stay focused and work in teams toward an exciting goal.

Students also can tinker and attempt challenges with LEGO Robotics equipment on Mondays in the Family Center and Tuesdays in the Makerspace. People of all ages can learn robotics (and coding) during Kid Makers Coding Club in the Makerspace every Sunday at 2 pm. No experience necessary.

Your support helps create fun, accessible, and creative learning opportunities for young people in our community!

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