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Makerspace is Coming Soon

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The Makerspace in the Downtown Library is closer than ever to becoming a reality! The RCLF has raised over $300,000 to complete the first phase of fundraising. Adding this to the City of Redwood City’s $165,000 pledge allows us to move on to the next phase: going to bid. Our architect is actively working with the City’s Community Development Department on final construction drawings and permits. Once bids are finalized, we plan to begin construction this summer and open the new Makerspace this fall!

Makerspaces and maker programs transform libraries from institutions that collect resources to ones that enable individuals and groups to create resources. Through the power of collaboration and making, children and youth will learn about STEM disciplines, enhance literacy, and ‘learn to learn.’ Adults can consider career choices, create new products, find new hobbies, and much more.

Many Thanks, Saga Foundation

We couldn’t be more excited that our Makerspace is finally becoming a reality, and we will continue to raise funds for its development. We are sincerely grateful to the Saga Foundation for getting us to our phase one fundraising goal!

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