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National Book Lovers' Day

Today is National Book Lovers' Day! Most of our board got involved through our love of books. To celebrate, we wanted to share with you some of the books we are currently reading.


David Sedaris

Derek Wolfgram

Library Director

American Gods

Neil Gaiman

Rouslana Yaroslavsky

Executive Director

Catcher in the Rye

JD Salinger

Dennis Manalo

Vice President

God's Hotel

Victoria Sweet

Carla Sillin


Braving the Wilderness

Brene Brown

John Blake

Leonardo DaVinci

Walter Isaacson

Hinda Chalew

Gardens of the Moon

Steven Erikson

Kelsey Dubois

The President is Missing

Bill Clinton and James Patterson

Debbi Jones-Thomas

The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

Patricia Seith

Pick up your favorite book (or one of ours) and celebrate National Book Lovers' Day with us!

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