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RCLF Donor Spotlight: The Noon Family

The Noon family moved to Redwood City in 2013 and have been regular users of the Redwood City Public Library, often attending library events. Some of their favorite events were the magic shows, coding classes, Santa’s visit, and all the animal programs. Not having these library resources during the pandemic has been really challenging to the family, especially when trying to reduce screen time. Their kids, ages 7 and 10, really miss the quality programs at the Schaberg branch and are just beginning to explore all the online resources now available. The Noon family gives monthly to the Foundation through our recurring gift program and said “Donating feels a lot better than paying a fine! And getting an email notification each month that you gave makes you feel good.” We are grateful to the Noon family for leveraging their giving through a monthly donation! A study in The Science of Giving found that giving in smaller amounts more often made people happier than giving larger amounts less frequently. Recurring donations are especially valuable because they are a reliable source of income for the Foundation. Please join the library’s most loyal supporters by considering the option of monthly giving to the RCLF:

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