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Resiliency Fund Doubles Goal

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The Redwood City community is generous and cares deeply about our libraries. We are happy to report that RCLF’s fall appeal campaign was very successful. We raised over $40,000 to support library initiatives like Makerspace in the Library, Career Online High School, and Bridging the Digital Divide–doubling our goal of $20,000!

Some RCLF donation facts from the past year:

23 new donors joined the RCLF family

26% of donors increased their gift from last year

27% gave at the same level

26% of donors hadn’t given for a few years & returned!

13 donated via the RCLF Facebook page

• Almost $3,000 was contributed on Giving Tuesday

61% of donations were made by check & 39% were online

The pandemic gave us an opportunity to expand our digital communications and we realized that we need to capture more of your email addresses to ensure everyone stays informed. If applicable, please send your name and email address to so we can keep you up to date. This will be especially important because we have a virtual event planned for May 20th!

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