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Spotlight on Literacy - "The Right to Read"

On November 6, our Foundation, in concert with Redwood City Library Board, screened “The Right to Read,” a film that chronicles how the NAACP spotlights the failure to teach kids to read as a civil rights issue, and illustrates how literacy is a vehicle to include everyone.

More than 200 community members attended the screening at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City and heard an all-star panel discuss literacy and their work in building equity, access, and opportunity—either directly through reading education or through other supportive actions to lift up historically marginalized communities.

Derek Wolfgram, Director of Redwood City Public Library, moderated the panel, with panelists representing the NAACP, Redwood City Together, Redwood City School District, Project READ, Benetech, and the Office of Intellectual Freedom of the American Library Association. They provided insightful comments about the film, responded to questions from audience members, and issued calls to action! We can all support literacy by uniting against book bans; volunteering for literacy organizations like Project READ and Healthy Cities Tutoring; speaking out—be the voice for the invisible among us; supporting teachers and parents; and donating to libraries!


Thank you to community members who generously supported the film screening!

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