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Board Member Spotlight: Ashley Quintana

Congratulations to board member Ashley Quintana, selected by the Redwood City Pulse as one of four local prominent women in Redwood City, recognized in honor of National Women’s History Month.

Ashley Quintana serves as board member of the Redwood City Library Foundation, Vice-Chair of the Redwood City Arts Commission, and Public Policy Manager at Meta. She also led the Racial Equity Mural Project at the Jefferson underpass.

Ashley spent her childhood in Redwood City libraries and benefited from a Spark program ( internship in middle school. Ashley served on the Spark board for seven years. Her role on the State Policy Team for Meta ensures that the company maintains positive relationships with the local community, chambers, and policymakers.

Ashley credits her success to being raised by a strong single mom, pivotal internships, and her current manager. She learned the importance of building your professional network, as you never know when you will meet someone who can be a valuable resource and connection.

Congratulations to Ashley as she continues to inspire women wavemakers in our community!

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