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RCLF Supports 4C's Project

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

What Community Means to You

The Redwood City Library Foundation, in partnership with the Redwood City Arts Commission, was honored to have supported the first ‘Collaborate, Construct, Create Community’ project at the Redwood City Library. This week-long community art experience celebrated the diversity of our community and provided the opportunity to paint a 20-foot art wall installation located in front of the Downtown Library. The prompt for participants was to think about what community means to you, pick colors, choose a blank space and “make it your own.” It was amazing to have our community come together with this collaborative public art piece. During the three painting sessions, over 600 community members participated, and helped create a colorful and diverse visual representation of the interconnectedness of community.

The art wall was exhibited in front of the library for a week after the closing celebration and the wall materials will be recycled. Photos of the full mural and individual panels will be displayed in the library and on-line, so stay tuned. Thank you to the RWC Arts Commission for spearheading this project and bringing artist Richard Art Felix’s EverybodyCanPaint initiative ( to Redwood City residents!

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