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Bridging the Digital Divide BY THE NUMBERS

Updated: Apr 30

Many in our community have gained connection to necessary digital tools by checking out hotspots and laptops at the Library. “This helps my daughter a lot to be able to read on the internet every day and do her math homework,” a Redwood City hotspot user wrote (translated from Spanish).


Join our mission to Bridge the Digital Divide! With your help, we can ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to succeed in the digital age. This initiative requires ongoing funding for the essentials: monthly internet bills, maintaining software, and replacing aging and defective devices.

HOTSPOT INTERNET DEVICES are available for 3-week checkout. This year, RCLF funded the purchase of 25 more hotspots, raising the total devices available to the public to 100! Hotspot usage shot up during the pandemic and has continued to increase year-over-year.

THE LAPTOP KIOSK in the Downtown Library provides the community with the opportunity to check out a device for three hours’ use inside the building. Each laptop comes equipped with teleworking features such as Zoom and Microsoft Office.


IPADS FOR YOUNG USERS equipped with software recommended by local schools, are available for a 3-week checkout from the Family Place in the Downtown Library. RCLF funded the replacement of 30 of these iPads last year.


This year, RCLF also funded the purchase of 6 iPads for LEGO Robotics camps at Schaberg and Redwood Shores branch libraries.

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