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Traveling Storytime: Bringing Stories to Little Hearts

Updated: Apr 30

Traveling Storytime volunteers, who range in age from 11 to 85, have read to more than 230,000 children. They share the goal to spark a love for reading when they visit daycares and preschools in Redwood City once a week.


Wendy Winkler, who volunteered for almost a decade prior to COVID, finds delight in the program. She shares, “It’s 30 minutes of joy each week—their little faces, their smiles.” Her recent return after the COVID closure shows the impact of the program. She recalls a touching moment where children ran to hug her after reading and singing songs.


Since its start in 2000, Traveling Storytime had grown over the years until COVID hit. Before, 40-60 volunteers regularly reached about 1,000 children weekly. Today, with the program restarting, there are 10 volunteers, including Wendy.


Jan Pedden, Youth Services Librarian, is actively working on reinvigorating the program with more preschools and daycare centers, more children, and more volunteers. “We’re working on getting more people involved again,” Jan said, highlighting Traveling Storytime’s community-driven nature.


Traveling Storytime is known for its accessibility and inclusivity. Sponsored by the Library’s Youth Services Department, and partially funded by RCLF, the program aims to foster a love for literature, learning, and libraries in children across Redwood City. Volunteers choose from 30 different themed book bags that each include 6 books, songs, activities, and more.


Traveling Storytime unites generations through storytelling. With volunteers like Wendy lending her voice, the program inspires countless children, one story at a time. Learn about volunteering.

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