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Library Love is for Everybody

Updated: Apr 30

Our community members love our Downtown, Redwood Shores, and Schaberg library branches for many reasons – the awesome staff, the summer reading programs, the safe space, the hold system, and of course, the books!

Here are just a few of the comments from the 3 dozen Love Letters to the Library received in February:

I love singing and reading during story time. Thank you for all the fun stories.  We look forward to coming every Wednesday” – Pia, age 1.5

(Pia’s love is unquestioned but unless she’s precocious, we’re pretty sure mom or dad might have assisted in this review.)

Compare that to this OLL (old-school library lover): “I have loved this library since I was 6 years old and moved to RC from SF. That was 75 years ago! Getting armfuls of books was, and still is, such a thrill.  Thank you, thank you.”

-Judy, age 81

“You let me save money. Seriously! I could never afford all of the books that I read.  I also appreciate how knowledgeable everyone there is. You always help me hunt down books.  And you helped me activate and connect my e-book reader so I could use it! . . .My life and our world are so much better because there are libraries in it.”

-Hillary (no age given)

I love the library because the staff is so helpful, and they make your experience so much fun and you can always find what you need.  There is also so much entertainment other than books. The computers and Makerspace are perfect ways to unwind and get your spirits up.” -Olivia, age 10

See the letters here.

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