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Broken Zippers or Blenders?

Updated: Apr 30

Get skilled help in the Makerspace and save resources

Whether you’ve got an off-track zipper or a busted blender, you can receive skilled help for free from wonderful volunteers in the Makerspace, who love to problem-solve and share their know-how.

At one Open Sewing drop-in, volunteer Janice helped repair a bike jersey zipper that had come completely off track. “I looked up repair info online, but I realized I needed expert help,” said Heather, a new Makerspace user. “I’m excited to keep this jersey in rotation and out of the landfill.”


Another family comes in regularly for help with mending clothes. “At the Makerspace we’re trying to help people reuse,” Janice said.

Access to guidance, workspace, and tools in the Downtown Library’s Makerspace helps community members gain skills while conserving money and resources in tangible ways. In addition to weekly Open Sewing and Drop In Tech Help programs, the Makerspace offers popular Fixit Clinics, held in partnership with the San Mateo County Sustainability Department and the Fixit Clinic organization.

Left to right: Staff member Iunisa and Open Sewing volunteers Janice and Allison

 KQED and CBS recently profiled one of the Library’s Fixit Clinics. With the troubleshooting help of a Fixit Coach, Nancy Harris got her blender working again. “That saves me $100, $200 every couple of years when this happens again,” she told KQED. “I’m really happy about it.”

To become a Makerspace volunteer or find upcoming sessions of Open Sewing and Drop In Tech Help, check the Makerspace page. To join or volunteer at the next Fixit Clinic on May 22, register.

Want to support this skill sharing network? RCLF funds equipment, space improvements, and upgrades in the Makerspace. Donate today!

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