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Career Online High School Celebrates its Most Recent Graduate

On Monday, October 1 we celebrated Maria Avalos as she graduated from Career Online High School program, supported by the Redwood City Library Foundation. Maria’s dedication and commitment to achieving her diploma was inspiring. She finished three months before her initial completion date. 

Mayor Ian Bain and Acting Library Director Sarah La Torra congratulate Maria on her achievement

In partnership with the Gale Cengage Company, the Redwood City Library Foundation and the California State Library, the Redwood City Public Library is able to provide matching funds to offer scholarship awards for Career Online High School to qualified students, who are hoping to earn a high school diploma with career certificate to advance their careers. With the support of the California State Library and the Redwood City Library Foundation, in particular our major donors Cargill and Atkinson Foundation, we have five more Career Online High School students working towards their high school diplomas, with three additional scholarships available this year.

RCLF President Nancy Radcliffe (right) and Board Member Keith Blackey (far left) at the graduation celebration

Redwood City Library Foundation President Nancy Radcliffe and Board Member Keith Blackey participated in the graduation. Redwood City Mayor Ian Bain congratulated Maria on her amazing achievement.

Learn more about the high school in the library on our Programs page!

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