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Heartfelt Thanks to Those Who Truly Make a Difference

Danford Foundation: RCLF would like to recognize and thank the Danford Foundation for their continued support. The Redwood City-based foundation was formed in 1982 by Redwood City residents, Fred and Gladys Danford. It invests in 150 local charities that support local health, education, and welfare, primarily those with efficient, immediate, and sustained beneficial impact in the local community. We thank them for

many years of support.

Estate of John Nash: This summer RCLF received a $100,000 donation from the estate of John Nash. Mr. Nash, who passed away last March, was a graduate of Princeton and Stanford. After teaching college mathematics for 8 years, he joined Silicon Valley technology firms, eventually spending many years at Adobe Systems, where he became the company’s principal scientist before retiring in 2005. RCLF is grateful to the Nash family for investing in our community through us.

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