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RCLF Board Members: Going Above & Beyond

In September, the Redwood City Public Library held its first Human Library, a worldwide movement designed to promote positive conversations to challenge stereotypes and prejudices. During the event, “readers” check out human “books” for 20- minute one-on-one conversations. Difficult questions were expected, appreciated, and answered. The human books included a recovered addict, a gay parent, a police officer, a refugee, a cancer survivor, a transgender individual, a former homeless person, a combat veteran, a former mayor, a conservative, a Muslim, a paraplegic individual and a disabled person. RCLF board members Dennis Manalo (gay parent) and Keith Blackey (combat veteran) participated as books.

Keith Blackey (above) and Dennis Manalo (below) shared their stories through the Human Library

In November, Carla Sillin, RCLF Treasurer and Community Volunteer Director, received the 2018 Unsung Hero award from the Interservice Club Coordinating Council (ISCCC) of Redwood City. The award recognizes Carla’s outstanding leadership and tireless efforts in addressing and raising awareness about issues of literacy and grade-level reading in our community. In recognition, she received certificates from several city and state politicians. Carla has volunteered with RCLF since 2011, chaired the Foundation’s Event and Marketing Committee, and been Treasurer and a member of the Governance Committee. She is also active and on the board of Sequoia YMCA.

Award winner Carla Sillin with her new grandson

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