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Seaside Story Hours at Redwood Shores Delight Young Learners

Updated: Apr 30

In March, Redwood Shores Branch Library hosted a team from the Marine Science Institute for a Seaside Story Hour, featuring animals from the rocky shore. Kids and parents who attended were treated to several stories about animals who live there, from sea urchins to crabs to a kraken (a mythical octopus). After each story, kids eagerly crowded in to touch the small sea animals that Institute staff brought out. Another Story Hour with the Marine Science Institute was held at the Library in April, with more scheduled for May 25 and June 22.

To find more Redwood Shores Branch Library events for kids and all ages, visit the calendar here.


Stay tuned for information about upcoming upgrades to the Redwood Shores Library Interpretive Center, designed to help children discover the wonders of the Bay and its wetlands.

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