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Meet Our New Board President: Debbi Jones-Thomas

Debbi grew up in rural Kentucky, the youngest of 13 and the first in her family to go to college. After graduating from Morehead State University, she got her Master’s degree in Educational Psychology and Counseling from the University of Kentucky, Louisville. She then taught high school and worked as a research analyst for the University of Kentucky Education Foundation. In 1978 Debbi became Housing Coordinator for Redwood City, finding room and board for low-income and special-needs citizens. She held that position for more than 33 years.

Debbi utilized mentoring resources in the Police Activities League (PAL) and Project READ at the Redwood City Library to provide her son with educational enhancement and social life skills through the difficult middle school years. He is now over 30 and living in Lexington, Kentucky, where he is a musician and community activist and works for the local NPR affiliate WUKY.

Although she retired in 2010, Debbi is still very active in Redwood City. In addition to the RCLF board, she is on the board of the Kainos Home and Training Center and is executive secretary on the PAL board. In her spare time, Debbi likes to read, cook, garden, and raise house plants. We are lucky to have her as our new board president.

Debbi’s thoughts about being president of the Library Foundation:

”One of my favorite things about libraries is reading—the foundation of almost everything we do. During the pandemic when libraries were closed, many of us read books from the little libraries in our neighborhood that were filled with children’s and adult books alike. It allowed us to escape and be entertained, and it fed our curiosity to continue learning despite being locked down for months. This is one of the many reasons why I continue to support the Redwood City Library Foundation. I also want the opportunities my son accessed to be available to other students as they too learn to conquer the endless possibilities in life. The RCLF exists because of you and your generous contributions to enhance and enrich Redwood City’s wonderful library system. Thank you for your ongoing partnership which makes it possible to fund special programs and projects to serve our entire community. Stay tuned for the next innovative efforts that will provide even more resources!”

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