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What's Your Library Story?

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Redwood City Public Library (RCPL) improves the lives of residents all over Redwood City and needs your help to keep that going. Tell us how the library and its initiatives have made a difference to you. Your story, along with others, will help the Library Foundation demonstrate how integral the library has been for our community. The stories collected will be used to help promote RCPL with donors to ensure the library can stay a safe, inclusive, and open space for learning.

The most beautiful thing was that there were books in Spanish for children who still did not speak English,” said resident Maria Vasquez, who brought her children to RCPL when she first arrived in the United States 10 years ago.

J.R. Refuerzo used the library as a quiet place to complete his private pilot’s license, “I am a tremendous supporter of the Library as it provided me with a space to study to become a pilot. Following each of my flight lessons at the nearby San Carlos Airport, I regularly went to the Redwood Shores Branch Library to read, study, and review my notes.”

Even the simplest compliments speak volumes and can have a huge impact, just like this one from Maria Reiling. “The librarians have always been great, whether in suggesting books when the kids were young, showing us where to find books, or resolving checkout issues."

We welcome anyone and everyone to tell their story. Not a great writer? Don’t worry about it; leave the prize-winning writing to your favorite authors. You can dictate your story to a Foundation member or tell your story however you wish; your own words are the best words. Use the link below or feel free to contact us at and we can help you share your story. Click Here to Share Your RCPL Story!

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